Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management

Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management
a With the effective and innovative products and programs of Expomed a unique show experience awaits you.  Now you will be able to find all related products in one dedicated hall. A large product group, ranging from hospital construction to laundry equipment, is going to be located under Hospital Build and Medical Facility Management section.




What will you find in Hospital Build and Medical Facility Management section?
  • Hospital Beds and Equipment
  • Hospital and Office Furniture, Waiting Rooms
  • Patient Handling Equipment 
  • Drug Transport Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Examination Chair, Stretcher and Equipment
  • Medical Gases and Gas Systems
  • Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment
  • Clean Room Systems
  • Morgue and Anatomy Equipment
  • Hygienic Wet Area Equipment
  • Disinfection and Sterilization Devices and Autoclaves
  • Disinfection and Washing Machines
  • Ventilation Systems, Air Cleaning Systems and Disinfection Systems
  • Ultraviolet Disinfectant Devices and Ultraviolet Disinfectant Systems and Equipment
  • Hygienic Doors, Hygienic Cabins and Systems
  • Other Hygiene, Sterilization and Disinfection Tools
  • Mobile Technology Solutions
  • Integrated Hospital Information Management Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems and Patient Units
  • Data Processing, Software Systems and Blue Code Systems
  • Hospital Paging and Communication Systems
  • Hospital Construction and Contracting 
  • Hospital Systems for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Environmental- Protection, Cleaning, Security, Waste and Water Treatment
  • Hospital Elevators and Equipment
  • Door Systems for Hospital and Operating Rooms
  • Hospital and Office Construction Systems and Components
  • Room Separating Systems, Screens, Curtains and Folding Walls
  • Laundry, Ironing, Kitchen and Other Hospital  Equipment
  • Hot-Cold Food Service Equipment
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Energy Distribution Systems
  • Energy Generation and Management
  • Oxygen Tubes
  • Components, Equipment, Technologies and Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Who should visit Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management section?
  • Representatives of Ministry of Health and Senior Executives
  • Managers of Hospital Investment  & Construction Companies
  • Public Hospital Managers
  • Private Hospital Owners and Managers
  • Purchasing Managers of Public – Foundation – Private Hospitals 
  • Managers of Medical Treatment Centers, Clinics & Medical Monitoring Centers
  • Distributors