Hybrid Exhibition of Health and Medical Industry, Expomed Eurasia is open

28th Expomed Eurasia Exhibition, which is excitedly awaited by the Health and Medical Industry who has undergone important responsibilities during the pandemic period, opened its doors to its visitors at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. In addition to physical exhibitions, important online events are held at this Hybrid Exhibition, which is organized by Reed Tüyap Fair Organization and shall last for three days. General Manager of Reed Tüyap Fair Organization, Ali Muharremoğlu said: “Our visitors registered from more than 70 different countries shall meet with more than 250 companies and company representatives through the online platform and in the exhibition area between 2nd and 4th Days of June. I hope this exhibition shall bring goodness to all of us. We wish Expomed Eurasia, which we shall open on the 2nd Day of June, World Exhibition Day, to be a light of hope for the continuance of other exhibitions."
Expomed Eurasia, the most important exhibition in the Eurasian region in the field of Medical Devices, Medicinal Materials and Health, is opened on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center with the support of the leading associations of the medical industry: TÜMDEF, SEIS and SADER. The exhibition, which is going to last for three days, can be visited by the visitors between 10.00-19.00 on 2nd and 3rd June and 10:00-17:00 on 4th June.
Expomed Eurasia, which is organized by one of TÜYAP's Group Companies: Reed Tüyap Fair Organization, is once more being established for the 28th time under the title of "International Istanbul Exhibition for Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Protection, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Products, Devices, Systems, Technologies, Equipment and Hospitals". During the exhibition, where the heart of medical devices and health sector, who played a very important role during the pandemic period, is beating; hospital building and medical facility management, electro-medical equipment, medical and laboratory technologies, biotechnology equipment and products, consumables, single-use products, orthopaedics, physical therapy and rehabilitation products and innovative products in the field of OTC (Over-The-Counter Products) shall be displayed.
All products needed specifically for the pandemic period shall be procured from the exhibition!
Local and foreign manufacturers, exporters and company representatives are attending Expomed Eurasia, where all kinds of medical materials ranging from medical masks, which have been irreplaceable parts of our lives since the first day of occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic, to disinfectants, medical devices and equipment are being displayed to visitors. Besides the fact that the exhibition is attended by Companies from Turkey and also from China, Korea, Poland, Canada and Iran through physical and internet environment, the attention of visitors from Turkish Republics, North Africa, Balkans and Middle East Countries is expected. It is estimated that Expomed Eurasia shall be visited by more than 8 thousand local visitors and more than one thousand foreign visitors.
During this exhibition, organized in a hybrid format, exhibitor companies and visitors shall have the opportunity to communicate via messages and video calls on Online Events Days through Business Connect, which is an online business portal, on MyTüyap, which is the digital environment dedicated to TÜYAP. Moreover, about two thousand online professional visitors are expected to interact with exhibitor companies through the Online Platform during the exhibition.
“We've raised our hybrid bar”
General Manager of Reed Tüyap Fair Organization, Ali Muharremoğlu, who made an opening speech on the first day of the exhibition said: "Our visitors registered from more than 70 different countries shall meet with more than 250 companies and company representatives on the Online Platform and in the exhibition area between 2nd and 4th June. I hope this exhibition shall bring goodness to all of us. We wish Expomed Eurasia, which we shall open on the 2nd Day of June, World Exhibition Day, to be a light of hope for the continuance of other exhibitions."
Muharremoğlu, who mentioned that they presented EXPOMED EURASIA to the benefit of the medical industry with a brand new format in 2021 and they became stronger in the field of thematic online events, also told that they allowed potential business partners to meet their clients on the Online Platform during the event named Hospital Days between the dates of 26th and 27th May 2021.
Muharremoğlu also gave the following information about the online event to be held simultaneously with the fair:  
“With our online event called Hospital Days, we allowed our exhibitors and visitors to live their exhibition experiences even more effectively before Expomed Eurasia. We are organizing ‘Distributor Days’ between the 2nd and the 4th Days of June 2021 simultaneously with the Exhibition.  Expomed Eurasia Fair is not just a product trading platform. At the same time, Expomed shall help exhibitor companies to create their distributorship networks, explore new markets and expand their business networks. During Distributorship Days, which is the second in a series of online events that we shall arrange under the name “Business Connect Program”, exhibitor companies shall be able to find Representative Offices in brand new regions and countries and reach out to Business Partners, who can represent them in Turkey and our nearby geography.”
3-Month Business Connection Opportunity
As a part of the new generation fair organization approach, Reed Tüyap shall not limit job interviews at Expomed Eurasia to only exhibition days. From June 9 to September 9, 2021, exhibitors shall be able to establish ‘online business connections’ with potential customers through the Business Connect Program, which shall again be a continuation of online events. In this way, exhibitors and visitors shall be able to continue their commercial affairs without interruption for 3 months.
A hygienic and healthy Exhibition!
Expomed Eurasia, which is one of the exhibitions related to the health and medical industry, also attracts attention with its being a hygienic and healthy exhibition. Reed Tüyap, as in other exhibitions organized by Expomed Eurasia, shall carefully implement all measures stipulated by the Ministry of Health that are mandatory for indoor spaces and International Standards related to COVID-19.
Muharremoğlu, who mentioned that TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center is the first exhibition area in Turkey holding a TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate, also gave the following information:
"Last year, Expomed Exhibition, which was organized under strict Bio-Security Measures, was a success far above our expectations. Exhibitor Companies and Professional Visitors left the Fair very satisfied. The health of all our stakeholders has always been a priority for us. For this reason, we took all necessary measures in the exhibition area for the 28th Expomed Exhibition. Our expert personnel are trying their best to implement all issues such as HES Code* Query, Mask Requirement, Number of People per Square Meter in a way that affects the comfort of our participants and visitors in the least possible way. In addition, we maximize the experience of exhibitor companies and visitors in the Exhibition Area with our contactless fair understanding. We have a background that enables digitalization of all processes starting from Registration of Visitors to Stand Setup Procedures, thus lets us carry out all necessary procedures with zero contact.
Technologies and Products to be displayed during Expomed Eurasia
  • Hospital Building and Medical Facility Management
  • Electro-Medical Equipment and Medical and Laboratory Technologies
  • Laboratory and Biotechnology Devices and Products
  • Consumables and Single-Use Products
  • Orthopaedics - Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation
  • OTC (Over-The-Counter Products)
HES Code (*): An electronic code for citizens and permanent residents of Turkey indicating their contact with COVID-19 patients.