Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management (Hall 2)

Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management
a With the effective and innovative products and programs of Expomed a unique show experience awaits you.  Now you will be able to find all related products in one dedicated hall. A large product group, ranging from hospital construction to laundry equipment, is going to be located in Hall 2 under Hospital Build and Medical Facility Management section.



What will you find in Hospital Build and Medical Facility Management section?
  • Hospital Construction and Contracting
  • Hospital Beds and Equipment
  • Hospital and Office Furniture, Waiting Rooms
  • Patient Handling Equipment and Ambulances
  • Examination Chair, Stretcher and Equipment
  • Medical Gases and Gas Systems
  • Drug Transport Vehicles
  • Stainless Steel Hospital Equipment
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Morgue and Anatomy Equipment
  • Hygienic Wet Area Equipment
  • Clean Room Systems
  • Mobile Technology Solutions
  • Integrated Hospital Information Management Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems and Patient Units
  • Data Processing, Software Systems and Blue Code Systems
  • Hospital Paging and Communication Systems
  • Hospital Systems for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Air Conditioning, Environmental- Protection, Cleaning, Security, Waste and Water Treatment
  • Automatic Doors for Hospital and Operating Room
  • Hospital and Office Building Systems and Products
  • Room Separating Systems and Screens & Folding Walls
  • Laundry, Ironing, Kitchen & Other Hospital  Equipment
  • Hot-Cold Food Service Carts for Patients
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Energy Distribution Systems
  • Energy Generation and Management
  • Medical Waste Collection and Parsing
  • Oxygen Tubes
  • Medical Waste Collection and Parsing
  • Medical Components
Who should visit Hospital Build & Medical Facility Management section?
  • Representatives of Ministry of Health and Senior Executives
  • Managers of Hospital Investment  & Construction Companies
  • Public Hospital Managers
  • Private Hospital Owners and Managers
  • Purchasing Managers of Public – Foundation – Private Hospitals 
  • Managers of Medical Treatment Centers, Clinics & Medical Monitoring Centers
  • Distributors